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Getting Free ROBUX

How do I earn robux?

There are many ways to earn robux on our website:

1. Offerwalls BEST

Offerwalls are lists of different types of offers that you can complete for robux. They are really simple to use and have offers that can range from watching simple videos to writing surveys and downloading mobile apps & games.

Mobile apps & games are usually the easiest offers to complete in these offerwalls, but survey offers give you the most amount of robux when they succeed.

Here's an example of an offerwall that's very popular on our website:

2. Tasks

Tasks are challenges that reward you with extra robux when completed. Here's an example of 2 tasks that reward you 5 robux each when you complete a number of offers:

3. Hourly GiveawayFREE

Join our fast robux giveaways every hour for a chance to win robux! You can complete one captcha to enter the giveaway and more captchas to increase your chances of winning the giveaway:

4. Referrals

Referrals is a way to earn robux by inviting new users to our website! You will receive a percentage of the earnings of all new users you invite to our website:

5. Sponsorships

If you have a social media channel (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord) and would like to advertise our website for robux or real life money, please email [email protected] with your channel's platform and name and we will discuss a deal with you.